Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Collective

It’s funny how things work.

I am not certain how a came upon the organization but through my PR research I learned about The African-American Public Relations Collective (AAPRC), an organization for professional African American Publicists. After further research it seemed as though all info about the organization came to an end and I had to find out more. Of course I immediately emailed every contact I could find because I had to find out if the group still existed and how I could join. After a little while I was contacted and was added to the group.

Pretty much you receive emails filtered through by Gwendolyn Quinn the founder, (and my PR Icon of the month), from other collective members and industry professionals about work, events, etc. It is refreshing because what you receive really is relevant, informative and professional.

Well, out the blue I received a job posting from a recruiter I never even heard of and to my WORK EMAIL. Good lawd! Needless to say I was shocked (yet grateful) but I really wasn’t interested in the position. I told the recruiter I would forward it on to some folks I knew and I sent the information to the Collective.

After a couple of days the recruiter emailed me and said that she wanted to schedule a time to talk. When we finally were able to connect, her first words to me were, “Where did you send that job alert?” I told her that I was a member of a group of Publicists and I knew they would be interested. She then continued that she received such an awesome response from individuals from all over and was extremely impressed. She then asked me questions to see how she could assist me. As for me I am Happy and Blessed to be working right now so I am not trying to stir the pot, but I was very honest about my next employment steps and understandably there aren’t too many companies with the type of position I want at this time. We both agreed, but she said that because of what I was able to bring to the table for the other position she would keep me in find for future employment.

Surprisingly, this week I received another email from the recruiter thanking me again because in fact one of the individuals who responded from the Collective was offered the position. I am not certain who it was that was offered the job but CONGRATS to you! This is a rough employment time and clearly you went up against numerous candidates. Do the darn thang!

Most importantly though I need to give recognition to the Collective! If you are an established African American Publicist I suggest you join. It is beneficial.

This whole situation has given me inspiration because the Collective is proof of what we can accomplish when positive like-minded individuals work together.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Madness

Good morning all and Happy Monday!

Last week was a little crazy for me clearly, but I wanted to get it on and poppin this week.

I am clearly behind on all "Miracle on the Hudson" follow-up but there was one thing I still wanted to mention.

First of all I happened to be working from my client’s office in NJ by the George Washington Bridge the Thursday the plane made the emergency landing on the Hudson River.

Ironically, my co-worker moments before the crash said to us, "Why is that plane flying so low?", but just like many other desensitized New Yorkers we kept on working, only to be shocked when I got the text from my SO telling me what happened.

I am certain we have all heard the “Bird” scenario for this crash. I do believe the pilot did an awesome job and very smart maneuver in his landing. No argument there, but do you believe that BIRDS are to blame for the plane being in trouble in the first place????

Most of the people I spoke to didn’t believe the story, but the media made it their business to bombard us with experts, statistics, etc. to prove that YES! birds could have only been the reason for this and I feel a lot of people took it in hook, line and sinker.

Many of us doing PR realize how we present stories to be covered so that we can get our clients positioned in a certain way. Now if we can get people to essentially believe a certain story, isn’t possible we are being “worked” in the same way everyday?

Now, I pose a question to you all today. How much of what you hear and read in the media do you believe?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tragedy in the wake of history.

My family has been devastated by the loss of our young cousin Nyasia over the weekend.
In a time when we are suppose to be excited about our accomplishments and unified in the wake of change, yet another senseless killing has taken one of our bright stars. An aspiring Journalist about to start college, Nyasia was taken by other individuals who have no respect for LIFE.
It has been hard for me to swallow because it seems all too often we hear stories like this and I just can't take it anymore. My best friend and I were going back and forth because she said that the younger generation is not much different then us and things like this happened when we were in HS. I beg to differ. I feel that the generations coming up are unfortunately getting increasingly disrespectful and desensitized. There is a complete lack of appreciation for life and each other.
I refuse to hear the sayings, "It was her time..., everything happens for a reason..." No! If people weren't so reckless in their actions and people actually cared about not trying to pull out a gun at a party and start shooting into a crowd she would be here.
Now I often tell people I love my job. But never did I think I would have to lend my services to help write a statement to the press/media in the wake of a family member's death!
Today is a day when we are welcoming a new President and new policies. I hope we can educate the youth that this is not a small change matter. With a new African American President we can see anything is possible and today is the day to begin a change to stop the violence and focus that energy on attaining positive goals in our life.
Peace and LOVE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Skee Wee- Happy Founder's Day

Happy Founder's Day to my Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WWD Wednesday

Stay in tune with your Trade Pubs.

Beside Consumer literature it is important to stay abreast of your Trade Publications as well.

To name a few these are:
- PR Week
- Brandweek
- Reuters
- Forbes…

Because I do Fashion PR one of my main Trades is WWD (Now WWD and WWD Men since DNR folded into them. Sad)

Anyway today’s top articles are:

- The page 2 staple column which might as well be called “Bankrupt Company of the Day”.
- L.A. Specialty Boutiques Rocked by Shutdowns (Stores like Sergio Rossi, Rock & Republic, Lisa Kline, Ron Herman, etc are trying to sublease their retail locations because today’s economy has caused an epidemic of closings and downsizing with these high-profile specialty boutiques)
- At FAME Show, Price Helps Junior Brands-The troubled economy may create an opening for the trend-heavy, price-light junior market.
- Of course we can’t forget about the ads reminding you about MAGIC next month as if one could forget.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who's Getting Major Press? Taraji P. Henson

Missy has come a long way and I am not upset.

She and her Publicist has been working overtime!

With smart character roles and the ability to not be type casted by Hollywood Taraji has blossomed into a force to be reckoned with.

Here is a wonderful example of good press around someone who deserves it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What do you do? (Part Two)

Now with all that being said, some people still aren’t able to grasp the importance of PR. I explain my work is as relevant as having magazines in existence. When you open a magazine now, a lot of emphasis is put into, What Celebrities Are Wearing. Depending on who the celeb is, you could boost your client from a non recognized label to a household name.

We have all heard the stories of Heidi Klum carrying some hot bag and then when you try to buy it, you find out it is completely sold out or on back order for the next two years. Brand recognition and exposure is huge! It keeps companies in the black. Of course everyone is holding on to the dollar a little harder but when you have great PR you can get a story done or get a media placement that will have a someone not pay their rent in order to get your product. Now I by no means am condoning that kind of behavior, but I think you all get the point.

I’m curious to here other successful PR stories from fellow Publicists. Do right in and tell your story. You never know it may have been your work that got me to purchase something.