Thursday, January 8, 2009

What do you do? (Part Two)

Now with all that being said, some people still aren’t able to grasp the importance of PR. I explain my work is as relevant as having magazines in existence. When you open a magazine now, a lot of emphasis is put into, What Celebrities Are Wearing. Depending on who the celeb is, you could boost your client from a non recognized label to a household name.

We have all heard the stories of Heidi Klum carrying some hot bag and then when you try to buy it, you find out it is completely sold out or on back order for the next two years. Brand recognition and exposure is huge! It keeps companies in the black. Of course everyone is holding on to the dollar a little harder but when you have great PR you can get a story done or get a media placement that will have a someone not pay their rent in order to get your product. Now I by no means am condoning that kind of behavior, but I think you all get the point.

I’m curious to here other successful PR stories from fellow Publicists. Do right in and tell your story. You never know it may have been your work that got me to purchase something.

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