Monday, January 5, 2009

It's my birthday!

I share my birthday with the likes of Kerry Washington, Diane Keaton, Marilyn Manson (yikes) and the ever so wonderful Alvin Ailey Jr (American choreographer and dancer; founded Ailey American Dance Theater)

Today I decided to embark on a search for historic media events that occurred on this day.

Being a Panamanian decedent it was interesting to find out that in 1909 - Colombia recognized the independence of Panama.

In 1914 - The Ford Motor Company announced an eight-hour workday and a minimum wage of $5 for a day's labor. Today they are unfortunately offering their employees the door.(sucks)

In 1933 - Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge begins in San Francisco Bay.

In 1972: NASA announced its plans for a new space vehicle, the shuttle.

This last point highlighting plans that would take human kind to heights and reaches that some have only imagined about, were actually birthed on my day stuck with me.

That is huge for me and got me to thinking that with one decision made on January 5th, 36 years ago, man has come to learn a tremendous amount about our space and the worlds around us.

With the start of the New Year everyone makes their resolution on what their focus or change will be for 2009. This year I have opted not to make a resolution (a formal expression of opinion or intention made), but to make a decision not on New Years but on January 5th to make some serious changes in my work, etc. I will share as relevant pieces come up.

What will you DECIDE to do today?

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