Tuesday, January 6, 2009

To PR or not to PR

Top of the morning to you all!

I wanted to begin by speaking on something that has been kind of bothering me.

I know I have spoken in the past about getting good media and publicity, but when does it go too far?

Once again Britney Spears was titled the most over exposed celeb for 2008 but is that good? I know my fellow Publicists are probably reading this in disbelief but I think there should definitely be a balance to press. I do believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder and for the Britney’s and Kim Kardashian’s it’s hard for me to really care about what you are doing when I see them more than I see my best friend in MD. I think you should come out consistent and intense but not over saturate the media with malarkey. It’s good to see you at important red carpets but I am not certain if you going to check your mail is groundbreaking.

With that being said I feel they are spreading the disease to our President elect. I would love to see the Obamas doing it up in DC but I feel pictures of Mr. President on the beach w/o any shirt and other private photos of the family should be private. People may disagree with me but when I open the “weeklies” and see Mr. Obama’s 4 pack, it takes away from the bigger picture that he is the FIRST African American President and turns him into Will Smith. Although Mr. Smith and family epitomize a positive family image and need to be out there I don’t feel that is a part that should be played by the first family.

Now I said this to my sister and she came to me with a different approach. She thinks it’s the media’s attempt to make him look like an around the way dude… I am assuming (relatable) but she said it only makes him look more G’d up because he pulls everything off well. Including the pictures they released of him smoking when he was in college.

Now there is nothing wrong with relatable, but I believe the public already knows that he is down to earth. So by turning the President of the United States into an overexposed Pop star is it hurting or helping? Please share your feedback!


Brooklyn Urban Girl said...

Hey! It's so great to see you back on Blogger! Well I kind of thought the Obama picture was declasse and inappropriate. His position demands respect and the historic moment behind all this, I believe has not been respected. I just hope once this Obama mania wears off. We can begin to see more appropriate pictures that represent the President and the First family.

fashionablyl8 said...

Hmm, interesting blog. Now I'm not gonna lie, call me gross, but I did find the Obama beach pics a lil hott (lol!). But I do see your point. I don't want to see personal pics of him or his family plastered all over the media like we see with Britney or Lindsay. A few pics here & there to show relatability=cool. The same over exposure that other pop icons get=not cool.