Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Publicist Must Haves

Much like any professional, there are tools of the trade that you must carry.
Doctors have their medical satchels filled with essentials, Fashion Stylists have their kits and Publicists should always have a:

- Blackberry or PDA of choice

- A Charger for your phone- Not being able to communicate is a huge no no

- Pen

- Business cards- A good amount on you and a substantial amount in your large handbag as back up. I personally use a holder that opens completely. both sides have a band and can hold up to 10 cards each. I use one side for my cards and the other for the cards I receive.

- Planner

- Belt bag (In other words… fanny pack). When at events it will be difficult for you to carry a purse or a shoulder bug but a chic, very fashionable fanny pack will do the trick. You will hate to rest your phone or something down because you have no where to store it and then it’s gone.

- Lip gloss and small perfume and body cream(quick touch ups when meeting and greeting are essential)

- Gum

- A bottle of water

- Fashionable flats (You aren’t cute running around before the event in heels and then can’t walk by the time people start arriving)

- A large handbag that can be left on the side (You will need something to carry all your regular purse items and of course those killer stilettos that you will change into once the event begins)

- At LEAST 2 copies of the guestlist, run of show and any other crucial info relating to the event ON YOU at all times.

- A sharpie

Of course this is the short list if you are just helping out at an event. If you are actually the HPIC- (Head Publicist In Charge) you will need way more essentials.

Here is a list of some of the HPIC essentials:

- Walkie Talkies
- Place cards, etc. depending on the type of event you are having
- Seating charts
- Office supplies- Everything you would need if you were at your desk (tape, stapler, etc.)
- Contact lists of vendors, models, etc.
- Anything you might or will need to keep your client(s) happy
- A volunteer or two depending on your staffing situation
- Index Cards- For talking points and other notes

Again this is just some of the essentials. Depending on the project you will need more specific items but this a start.

Have fun working!

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Calming Corners said...

Lets add energy, a shining personality and you are never fully dressed with out a smile!